Shinjinbukan Honbu Dōjō − Notre école à Okinawa

Shinjinbukan; Onaga Yoshimitsu; Okinawa Ti; Okinawa Karate Dōjō

Shinjinbukan Honbu Dōjō − Okinawa, Japon

This short note presents my perspective about the history of the Shinjinbukan Honbu Dōjō in Okinawa. Thus, I do not claim to express the opinions of my teacher, Onaga Yoshimitsu Kaichō.

Écrit par Jimmy Mora

Traduit par Ludovic Soler


In 1988, Onaga Yoshimitsu Kaichō founded Shinjinbukan, a school dedicated to preserve and further develop Ti(手). This marked a distinct departure from the focus on Ryūha - the traditional Okinawan Karate styles.

The name Shinjinbukan was introduced gradually to the general public. During its early years, our school was known as Onaga Karate Dōjō rather than Shinjinbukan, due to Onaga Kaichō's name recognition among the elite Karate society of Okinawa.

By the year 2000, Shinjinbukan gained international recognition due to magazine articles, videos, as well as by establishing new Shinjinbukan branches in several countries. However, the most significant international event was a documentary produced by NHK featuring Onaga Kaichō and his daugher, Onaga Michiko Sensei.

On December 1st, 2014, after more than 25 years of teaching at its original location, Onaga Kaichō moved his Dōjō to Yorimiya, another district in Naha City. The old Dōjō (Miyahira 1-14-14), was the location where all the senior deshi of Onaga Kaichō were groomed. The new Shinjinbukan Dōjō marks a new beginning for the next generation of Tichikaya (practitioners of Ti).

Today, the Shinjinbukan School remains a private Dōjō with a limited number of students. Our visitors come from different countries and Karate styles.

L'École Shinjinbukan a été fondée pour préserver les traditions du Ti. L'École Shinjinbukan a toujours maintenu un numéro limité de membres et a accueilli les visiteurs internationaux de tous les styles.

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